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Lawn Mowing Service in Charlottesville

Services include weekly mowing, edging, blowing and more.

Get a quote and join 500+ clients and never bother with your lawn again.

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Lawn mowing isn’t rocket science. Do a good job, don’t mess up and be nice.

Why do other lawn companies make it such a hassle?


 In a hurry? Skip the quote and get on our schedule immediately with Same Day Service. 

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What To Expect

Each mowing visit includes:

  • Mowing with an appropriate sized mower (push mower, zero turn, walk behind)

  • Trimming edges and hard to reach areas with our weedwacker

  • Blowing off hard surfaces like decks and driveways

  • We avoid blowing grass in mulch beds, on cars, etc.

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lawn mowing

We use fresh blades each week.

Giving you a better cut than our competitors.


A lot of people think cutting grass is easy. But if it were easy, why have we heard from so many people who have a terrible story about their lawn company giving them hassle and doing a lousy job?

Quality matters! Our mowing crews have years and years of experience under their belt. Unlike other companies, who hire a person for $8/hr and expects them to do a great job their first day with no prior experience, we train our professionals and hold them to a high standard—and we pay them well too.

We’re also reliable. With other companies, you can slip through the cracks. Not with us.

The software we use to manage our clients is state of the art so NOBODY gets forgotten. We come every week unless it rains and we come the next day.

We do a great job and we come when we’re supposed to.

And our workers are nice and friendly.

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Here’s what happens next…


Get A Quote

Office open 8-5 Mon-Fri

You'll talk to a friendly member of our team. Sometimes we can use Google Maps to give you a quote in minutes! Or click the 'GET A QUOTE' button which is fast too.

Need service immediately?

We'll Get To Work

Approve and store card on file

You can choose a weekly or ten-day frequency and we will come on schedule all season long.

We store a credit card on file for automatic billing at the end of the month. Of course it's encrypted for security.

We don't hassle you. It's easy to hire us.

View your account online anytime

Our advanced system called Client Hub

You'll get an itemized receipt via email every month. You can view these and do other stuff in your online account called Client Hub.


We're the only company with a 100% No Arguing—No Hassle—Customer Is Always Right—No Shenanigans—Won't Leave You Out To Dry—Money Back Guarantee. So if anything happens let us know and we’ll make it right.

You’re happiness for several years is more important to us than a short term gain.

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