3 Simple Steps To Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Have you ever tried to start your lawn mower in the spring and it wouldn't start? If this has happened to you, then make sure you take these 3 simple steps to ensure your mower starts next April!

  1. Buy premium fuel at Lowe's or a similar store. It looks something like this
  2. Run your mower until it runs out of gas.
  3. Fill tank with your premium fuel and run for 15 minutes. This can be done when you mow the last time. You're running all the good gas through the fuel lines and into the system.

Success! Most people leave regular fuel in the tank all winter. The ethanol absorbs moisture (water) and then separates. The problem: The fuel rises to the top and the water goes to the bottom of the tank and mowers can't run on water! That's probably why your mower doesn't start in the spring!

Note: "Fuel stabilizers" aren't as effective. The ethanol still remains in the tank and water can still be an issue.

Save yourself some money and frustration and follow these three simple steps :)

Bonus #1 You should also wipe off the top and bottom of the mower to decrease wear and rust. Remove all the dead grass and dust. Of course, keeping it covered during winter helps A LOT too.

Bonus #2 It's a good idea to always use this premium fuel since it's so much cleaner and healthier for your engine. You can buy enough for a whole season on Amazon and you won't even have gas tank hassles anymore.