Which lawn company is right for you?

Charlottesville has a lot of lawn care companies. Some of them are great and most of them are duds. You don’t want to choose a dud! So with so many options, how do you choose the best fit for you?

We’re making it easy for you to decide by breaking it all down here. We hope it helps!

Image of JW Towsend's Logo in front of beautiful trees by Charlottesville Lawn Care along with Christian's Lawn Care.

JW Townsend is a large, well-established and trusted company offering both residential and commercial service. They have horticulturists on staff and have a robust team of well-trained and experienced workers. They do really high quality work and they charge accordingly. They spend a lot of their time in really nice areas like Boar’s Head, Farmington, Keswick and Ivy. If you’re wealthy and can afford the most expensive company, then choose JW Townsend because that’s who your neighbors probably use.

Image of Dos Amigos’ Logo in front of a beautiful lawn by Charlottesville Lawn Care along with Christian's Lawn Care.

Dos Amigos is a large company with their focus being mostly commercial buildings and contracts along with some residential work mixed in. Their sweet spot is in commercial contracts and big residential projects so they tend to not be the best choice for recurring mowing service and other small to medium yard work jobs. They’re a good choice if you want to build a new patio or stone wall or get sod installed.

Image of Feldmann’s Inc. work truck located in Charlottesville along with Morris Lawn Care and Services.

Feldmann’s Inc. has a strong balance of commercial and residential clients and they offer great customer care. They’re very professional and the owner is likable. They’re a great choice if you want year-round maintenance like mowing, fertilizing, aeration and spraying. Their price point is on the higher side but they do such great work their clients don’t mind. You might have seen them in the early morning at Bodos taking care of the property on Preston!

Image of Meriweather Mowing along with Charlottesville Turf Pros.

Image of Meriweather Mowing along with Charlottesville Turf Pros.

Meriweather Mowing Service is a residential company offering a wide range of services and they do A LOT of advertising. They’re a good choice for mulching because they do really good work in that regard. They use sub-contractors (as many as 12+) to mow the majority of their clients so they run into some consistency issues. They do great yard work (mulching and weeding, etc.) but we hear a lot of complaints from folks who didn’t have a good experience with other services, particularly mowing. For some perspective, we’ve never had a client leave J.W. Townsend or Feldmann’s to hire us but we’ve had a number of people over the years leave Meriweather and choose us. Again, their mulching and weeding workers are excellent but subbing out their mowing hasn’t curated a strong reputation.

Image of Snow’s Garden Center’s logo in Charlottesville along with Christian's Lawn Care.

Snow’s Garden Center is the best nursery in Charlottesville. In fact, we buy a lot of our supplies and materials from them, especially their mulch. They also offer mowing and landscaping services too. They’re a great choice for sod, hardscapes like walls and patios and mulching. They’re well-established and quite large so their prices match their reputation.

Image of D&D Lawn Care’s logo in Charlottesville along with Morris Lawn Care and Services.

Image of D&D Lawn Care’s logo in Charlottesville along with Morris Lawn Care and Services.

D&D Lawn Care is a mostly commercial company that does good work. If you live in Forest Lakes you’ve probably seen their trucks because they maintain that entire neighborhood. They’re a good choice for irrigation and grading, along with large landscaping projects like patios and walls.

Charlottesville Lawn Care Logo

Charlottesville Lawn Care Logo

Charlottesville Lawn Care focuses solely on Charlottesville residents which means we don’t chase big commercial contracts and we don’t spread ourselves too thin. Our sweet spot is mowing and yard work for middle income folks. Our clients want quality service and friendly workers and they’re not necessarily trying to impress everyone on their street. If you live within the City limits, have a life and want a hassle-free company to come to your house and cut your grass weekly and do some yard work once or twice a year, we’re probably the best fit.

We don’t offer hardscapes or turf management (patios and aeration, etc.) but we do the Big Five which is what most of our clients care about the most:

  1. Mowing

  2. Mulching

  3. Yard work

  4. Leaf work

  5. Gutter cleaning

    ….and snow removal — but it sure doesn’t snow here much! :)

We hope you’ve found this helpful. Not everyone is a good fit for us, but if you are, we look forward to serving you for a long time. Call us today or click GET A QUOTE below. 434-830-4020.